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Kakum National Park - Rain Forest

Abrefo, Ghana

Location Guide

Kakum National Park is a piece of rainforest 350 sq kilometres in size, north of Cape Coast near Abrefo.

The main attraction is a 330 metre, 7 bridge canopy walkway, up to 43 metres above the canopy floor (over 120 feet up). This is said to be the only such walkway in Africa. The walkway is made up of cargo net supported aluminium ladders with planks on. Besides the one at Kakum there are said to be four others worldwide located in Malaysia, China and Peru.

Kakum has the smaller forest elephants, a range of monkeys and other animals, some quite rare,  but these cannot be seen from the walkway, partly because you are looking down onto the top of trees, and partly as the animals tend to keep to parts of the park where there are fewer people. You do see a range of butterflies, a few lizard like creatures and some birds. At ground level you also come across ants or termites.

This park is around 25 miles north to south, by over 10 miles wide, and you can go trekking further with a guide and then may see more wildlife.

On my visit I did a tour including a short ground level tour and then the canopy walk, with a personal local guide rather than joining a group. She told me a lot about different trees, plants, and the history, I got to see the walkway from the ground, realizing just how far up it was, before going onto it. The terrain involves a long climb up from the reception and exhibition area, then an undulated trip around at ground level before climbing further up the hillside and then a walkway to the rope walkway above the rainforest. The walkway comes off high ground so there is no major climb necessary to get onto the walkway. The terrain is not extremely steep but is steep over a long distance, and even with regular breaks I found this the most strenuous thing I did while in Ghana.

The walkway does sway, but its not as scary as I expected as you tend to see the tops of the trees rather than the 12 storey drop to the floor below. As you step onto and come off of the walkways onto platforms between then the movement that the walkway can make is limited.

A Termite Mound

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Location:  Kakum National Park - Rain Forest, nr Abrefo, Ghana

map Reference: 5 deg 25' N 1deg 19' west Country/region: Ghana

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