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Kintampo Waterfall


Location Guide

This is a series of 3 waterfalls, the largest being 25m high. In total, in a number of steps and cascades, the river drops 70m.

In colonial days this was known as Sanders Falls, it is located on the river Pumpum, a tributary of the Black Volta.

People can go into the pool under the waterfall, and I saw 3 in the water while I was there.

On entry a guide takes you first up to the top falls, which can be photographed, then the the centre falls that are difficult to see and finally down to the far larger bottom one. There is a climb of 152 steps back to the car park level. This concrete stairway was added in the mid 1960's.

There is an archaeological site at/or near Kintampo, where civilisation can be shown to have existed between 2500BCE and 1400BCE, and it's the earliest known site for the cultivation of the cowpea. These were farmers with stone buildings as wattle and daube, using polished stone axes and stone beads, domestic pots, ceramic sculptures of people and more.


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Location: Kintampo Waterfall, Ghana

map Reference: 8.05 north lat and 1.705 w long Country/region: Ghana

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Getting there:

Access: Off the road from Kumasi to Mole National Park, 5km north of Kintampo off the Tamale road.
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Charges: 3 GHS including local guide

Nearby Locations: There is a smaller waterfall nearby, known as  Fuller Falls, near the village of Yabraso, 8km from Kintampo on a road to New Longoro, on the Yoko river, with a 10m upper fall, that is said to be pretty, and a pool below that is safe to swim in, at one point the water disappears underground for about 40m.

Kintampo was the geographic centre of the Gold Coast, (Ghana when it was British controlled).

Another tourist attraction is the Pinihini Amovi Caves which are located near Fiema. These are underground caves and history has it that some Akans migrated from these underground caves. Visitors are however, cautioned that only the traditional priest of Pinihini can lead them to the cave site.

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